Biotics Research, Hydro-Zyme, 90 Tablets

Biotics Research, Hydro-Zyme, 90 Tablets

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Biotics Research Hydro-Zyme (90)

  • SUPPORTS FORMATION OF STOMACH ACID: The incidence of low stomach acid increases with age. An estimated 30-50% of people over the age of 60 do not produce enough stomach acid. Low stomach acid puts people at risk for malnutrition, indigestion, malabsorption of key nutrients such as iron, calcium and zinc and also intestinal infections. Hydro-Zyme contains nutrients targeted to support stomach acid formation and may be considered when the need for supplemental hydrochloric acid.
  • SUPPORTS HEALTHY IMMUNE RESPONSE: Approximately 70% of the entire immune system is found in the gastrointestinal tract. What’s good for the gut proves to be good for the overall immune response. Hydro-Zyme provides a ratio of enzymes that are required by the human body, with strong digestive activity, which helps support a healthy gut and immune response.
  • PROMOTES HEALTHY DIGESTION: Hydro-Zyme is ideal for those looking to support the stomach’s digestive function. Betaine HCL combined with Glutamic Acid and a synergistic digestive enzymes supplies targeted nutrients to ensure proper digestion.








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