Nature's Bounty, Quick Dissolve B-12, 5000 mg, Twin Pack, 80 Tablets

Nature's Bounty, Quick Dissolve B-12, 5000 mg, Twin Pack, 80 Tablets

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Product description

Nature's Bounty B-12 sublingual microlozenges aid in heart and circulatory wellness as well as contribute to the proper metabolic functioning and nervous system health. With an all-natural cherry flavor, the highly concentrated microlozenges dissolve right under your tongue before being swallowed for fast-acting support.

What makes Nature’s Bounty B-12 methylcobalamin so special? Methylcobalamin is the advanced, active form of vitamin B-12 that is preconverted. Traditional B-12 cobalamin form supplements are readily absorbed into the body, and are then converted to a coenzyme form, known as methylcobalamin, to provide its many health benefits.

Nature’s Bounty B-12 methylcobalamin active form provides support for energy, heart and nervous system health.

  • 2 bottles. Sublingual 2500 mcg, B-12 is placed under the tongue, where it quickly dissolves
  • B-12 is excellent for energy metabolism, nervous system health and heart health
  • Fast acting with a delicious natural cherry flavor
  • 300 microlozenges, Suitable for vegetarians.
  • Non-GMO, no artificial color, no artificial flavor, no preservatives, no sugar, no starch, no milk, no lactose, no soy, no gluten, no yeast, no fish. Sodium free.




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