Paleovalley, Grass Fed Organ Complex, 120 Capsules

Paleovalley, Grass Fed Organ Complex, 120 Capsules

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Paleovalley: Grass Fed Organ Complex - Beef Organ Capsules - True Primal Superfoods - 30 Day Supply - Provides B12 Vitamins - Gently Freeze Dried - Variety of Organ Meats - Liver, Heart, & Kidney

  • VARIETY OF ORGAN MEATS: Contains kidney, heart, and liver for a daily dose of vital nutrients.
  • GENTLY FREEZE-DRIED: This process maintains and preserves the nutrients found in organs, ensuring that you receive the most nutrient-dense product.
  • PROVIDES NATURAL ENERGY: The anti-fatigue factor that comes from consuming liver will give you a natural energy store.
  • 100% GRASS FED: We only source 100% grass fed and grass finished organs from pasture-raised animals in the USA.




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