pHresh, Boric Acid 600 MG, 30 Suppositories

pHresh, Boric Acid 600 MG, 30 Suppositories

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Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories pHresh - Promotes Healthy Vaginal pH Balance, Supports Vaginal Health 600mg, Bottle of 30 Natural Boric Acid Suppositories Non-GMO, Third-Party Tested - Made in USA

  • PROMOTES HEALTHY pH BALANCE with NO preservatives, fillers or dyes, our boric acid suppositories naturally restore your normal vaginal pH balance level effectively. Feel healthier and refreshed as a balanced pH level supports overall vaginal health by soothing irritations, reducing bad odors and unpleasant vaginal discharges.
  • ELIMINATES VAGINAL DISCOMFORT: Our boric acid suppositories for feminine care help reduce vaginal irritation and itchiness and other conditions that cause you discomfort such as by, unbalanced discharge, vaginitis and more. The suppositories also act like a cleanser and by balancing vaginal pH levels they can help with pain relief, soothe dryness and eliminate vaginal odor
  • NATURALLY SUPPORTS VAGINAL HEALTH: You can effectively improve and support your well-being and treat vaginal conditions related to unbalanced pH levels with our pHresh boric acid suppositories. For 7 consecutive days - insert one (per day) 600mg capsule of pure boric acid powder vaginally with your finger or applicator before bed. In the event of persisting symptoms – repeat for another 7 days.






Safety Information
Ask a doctor before use if you are pregnant or nursing. Ask a doctor before use if you have vaginal bleeding, sores, ulcerations, nausea, fever or chills, sensitivity in your lower pelvis or abdomen, sexually transmitted diseases (STD), or pelvic inflammatory disease. Stop use and ask a doctor if symptoms persist or reappear, or if you have a burning sensation or worsening vaginal itch. Caution: If you are unsure about your vaginal pH level or are known to have high vaginal sensitivities, please consult a medical professional before use. If any sign of irritability, cramping, and bleeding occur immediately, discontinue use.

Our Boric Acid Suppositories are used to help with: Vaginal Odor, pH Balance, BV, Bacterial Vaginosis, Itchiness, Burning, Discomfort, Unbalanced Discharge Feel Fresh, Healthy, and Comfortable with Ace Nutrition Boric Acid Suppositories.

Legal Disclaimer
Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

Insert one (1) pHresh Suppository into Vagina as needed, preferably just before bedtime. Our vaginal pH balance suppositories are all-natural, and have No harmful preservatives, fillers, or dyes, making them highly effective and perfectly safe for you to use.

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